Happy holidays and all that jazz to everyone celebrating. It’s been a relatively tacoless Christmas for me here on Long Island (my ancestral homeland), though badcoverversion and her family had their traditional Christmas Eve dinner at Superior Grill in Baton Rouge, LA where the tacos flowed like delicious, taco-flavored water. I’m heading down there tomorrow, so we’ll be sure to give it some extra love here on Tacos Por Vida.

Anyway, in my search for Christmas Tacos both in reality and online, I came across this gem:

Taco Christmas Tree Ornament

Taco Christmas Tree Ornament

This, my friends, is a taco Christmas Tree ornament and further proof that you can find anything on the Internet if you look hard enough. And yes, it’s as ugly as all get out, but I want one. When this sucker’s back in stock, I’m buyin’ at least one. Maybe two, then we can get them personalized! Hurray for Christmas Tacos!

Anyone out there actually get to enjoy some Christmas Tacos?