It sucked. How’s that for a review?! Seriously, though, I’ve heard good things about the Pappasito’s franchise and decided to sneak in a sausage, egg and cheese breakfast taco during my layover in Houston (between traveling from NYC to Louisiana).

I guess I expected a taco with flavor and substance, but all I got was some mediocre scrambled eggs, a slightly spicy sausage and some ew-y gooey cheese tossed into a bland tortilla shell. No sauce, no peppers or extras or anything. It was just bland food served in a bland way. I also got a side of potatoes and beans. That was just fatty and nasty. Yuck.

It’s airport food, so I shouldn’t have expected a taco revelation, but still: that blew.

Big plate o Dominican food from International Food House in Inwood, NYC

Big plate o' Dominican food from International Food House in Inwood, NYC

Oh, and I took photos of the sloppy mess but for some reason my Eye-Fi memory card destroyed the three photos I took. I guess that’s fitting since the food was nasty. So, instead, here’s a photo of delicious plate of mixed meats, veggies, rice and beans I got from International Food House, a great Dominican restaurant in Inwood, NYC. This is a standard dinner for me when Elizabeth (badcoverversion) is away and way better than that dang breakfast taco.

Speaking of Elizabeth, she’s got a much more in-depth and less ranty post about the airport Pappasito’s coming later.