Tacos on TV

We watched the Mexico City episode of “No Reservations” tonight. To say he ate some amazing looking tacos would be an understatement. Dude ate some of the most beautiful tacos I’ve ever seen. I watched the taco segments, mouth agape and watering and just imagined how glorious that must have been.

Unfortunately, Travel Channel doesn’t have the full episode online for viewing. All they have is this very short clip from later in the episode where he eats bull meat tacos. And, yeah, it looks good, but there’s a good chunk of the episode devoted to Mexican street food and tacos of various shapes, sizes and meat-fillings. If you can, I highly advise checking it out. For now, peep this:

Vodpod videos no longer available.

I was going to get tacos for lunch at work today, but something happened. The possibility of pizza came up and we couldn’t resist the siren song of Two Boots pizza. Now with both pizza and tacos on my mind, my thoughts immediately veered towards “Taco Town,” arguably the finest bit of TV ever produced by Saturday Night Live. Behold.

Vodpod videos no longer available.

I’m gonna try to get tacos for dinner and have our first taco review tonight/tomorrow.

[Update: Dinner tacos never materialized. I opted out. With reason, to be explained later.]