New York Magazine just published their “Where to Eat 2009” Guide and it looks to have plenty of good eats, regardless of what kinds of food you’re into. Well, except for Mexican.

They highlight La Superior in Williamsburg, Brooklyn which features “authentically messy Mexican-street-food.” And that place sounds good, though I can think of three other taco/Mexican joints in Billysburg (Taco Chulo, Bonita and San Loco) just off the top of my head. And they have taco trucks! I bet there’s plenty more, since I haven’t even been down that way in at least 8 months.

But I guess I shouldn’t have expected much. Most of the places in the Guide are super high-end–one of their “bargain” picks is a $13 grilled cheese and soup combo [It’s really good, but still, not cheap! -Elizabeth]–and obviously catered towards their high-falutin’ readership.

Hopefully we can provide a more taco-friendly NYC “where to eat guide” this year.